Adopt Me!

Studio — Uplift Games

My Role — Junior Gameplay Programmer


Adopt Me! is a pet collection and rollplaying game on Roblox. I joined the team as a player support representative in late 2019 and moved to the features team as a junior gameplay programmer in early 2021.

I worked on the Journal and Settings Revamp updates. I also was the project lead for the Task Board update, which introduced a daily quest system to the game. I also added some miscellaneous content, including the BEES! Blaster, the digital counterpart of an official Adopt Me NERF blaster

Journal Update

This update introduced a journal which catalogs all items a player collects while playing. I worked on the pitch, assisted with building the UI using Roblox Studio's in-engine UI creation tools, and assisted with programming the feature. 

Task Board Update

I was the project lead on this update and led its design, implementation, and release. We identified a few problems with Adopt Me at the time which this update sought to fix: players had difficulty getting money, and 80% of the map was unused. My pitch was to introduce a daily quest system which encouraged players to interact with underused aspects of the game for an in game currency reward. The update shipped in January, 2022.